Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sertraline... trying to get an rx for liquid Zoloft

Refilled Honey's rx-- and the pharmacy switched something because the sertraline tablet is shaped differently... kind of oval with ends that are quite narrow (had been getting tablets that were oblong). I am finding this shape and tablet itself very hard to cut.
Since Honey is taking 37.5mg/day we had been cutting tablets and seemed to be doing a good job of it... not any longer.
So I decided to start titrating the drug in liquid and would measure accordingly. This dang drug does not dissolve in anything I have tried (though I have not tried alcohol yet- last resort, I guess) I have tried water- hot/cold, 7-up, tea, seltzer water... and I just get a cloudy mess- even after stirring and mixing several minutes, there is drug clinging to the sides of the measuring cup and it settles fairly quickly to the bottom.
We are going to march right in to the clinic and talk about getting an rx for Zoloft in a liquid form. In the end, if we succeed, it will make it much easier when Honey is ready to start reducing.
I hope we get through to the doctor - I hope she (doc) is open to my request and understands the need. It would relieve so much stress and I know would make this whole long process easier as far as dosages. Once Honey is ready, we will start with 5% reductions, not reducing again until she is grounded and feels just as stable as when we started. If we have to wait weeks/months for this to happen, so be it. Once school is out for the summer, I might try a 10% reduction and see how she tolerates it.
Glad to get this down.


Stephany said...
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Stephany said...
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Marissa Miller said...

Excuse my ignorance, but I've never realized how common this problem is. My mother should have joined a support group when she dealt with me.

Anonymous said...

I've been taking 200MG/daily Setraline by crushing it using a pill crusher ( and then taking it right off a spoon with some jelly. Wish me luck as I plan to ask my doc about a liquid substitution for this instead at my 6-month checkup. I think crushing the pill is not allowing me to really get the full benefit this medication has to offer. Hopefully liquid subs aren't too much of a headache to ask for. It would mean a lot to me!